About Train My Brain

Train My Brain has been developed through using the combination of teaching knowledge, assessing and neuro-linguistic programming/psychological studies. Basing our tutoring on the latest philosophy of teaching and learning techniques called the ‘Learning2learn’ method of Terrence Kostantakis.

Our Tutors

All Train My Brian tutors are versed in the art of Learning2learn. Combining this with an education degree and/or vast skills and knowledge in a specific subject area, makes each and every one of our tutors valuable to both your child and Train My Brain.

1 on 1 Tutoring

  • 1 on 1 tutoring with your child, having the full attention of the educator and striving to develop a strong and trusting connection between the two
  • Will be conducted in a safe location: your home, library, school etc.
  • Flexible times to benefit you, your child and the tutor
  • Programs are specific to each child’s learning level
  • Activities and learning’s are tailored to each child’s psychological learning style

Online tutoring

  • 1 on 1 tutoring through various communication programs (Skype, FaceTime etc.)
  • Includes all the benefits of 1 on 1 tutoring
  • Great for those who live in hard to reach locations
  • Continue your child’s schooling when travelling so they do not miss out
  • All that is needed is a device with a camera, microphone and internet connection

Small group tutoring

  • Social learning where children can communicate ideas and learning
  • Cheaper option
  • Small groups of 3-5
  • Location to be communicated between parents and tutor

NLP & Hypnotherapy Child Therapist

Terrence Kostantakis – 0433 948 511

Learning analysis report

  • Compulsory analysis that all children who wish to be apart of Train My Brain must take
  • Full detailed report that details:
    • Leading representational system determining a child’s psychological learning style based on sensory learning
    • Skills and possible future career paths based on the representation systems
    • Optimum seating position in the classroom based on visual & auditory perception
    • Meta-programs (personality) that is used to better understand the ‘how & why’ a child behaves in a certain way
    • Irlen’s Syndrome: the checking of a child’s sensitivity to light, which may impact a child’s ability to learn
  • A copy of each report will be given to the parents and teachers of the child
  • Any child is welcome to analysed


Motor Development and Coordination Trainer

Coming soon: Call Terrence Kostantakis for more information – 0433 948 511


Our partners

Dyslexia & Reading Solutions

  • Cellfield
  • Irlen Syndrome
  • JIAS


Brain Solutions – LENS Neurotherapy

  • For Children (and adults): ADD, ADHD, ASD and Developmental Delays
  • Accidents or Injuries: Concussions, other TBI, PTSD and Pain
  • Illness: Headaches, Stroke, Fibromyalgia, Addictions
  • Mood: Anxiety, Depression, behaviour difficulties
  • Sports performance: Brain enhancement is now recognised as a basic essential for sports performance excellence.