Train My Brain caters for a range of disabilities.

All programs will help develop the links in the brain in order to help your child learn and give them the extra support they need in becoming successful.

Dyslexia/Auditory Processing Disorder

Does your child struggle due to dyslexia or ADP? Well Train My Brain uses techniques that bypass the issue caused through dyslexia and ADP, and teaches your child in a way where their disability does not have an effect.

With constant tutoring, your child’s learning processes will change in a way that benefits the way their brain is wired.


Finding it difficult to help your child with autism/Asperger’s with their schooling? Then a Train My Brain tutor is perfect for you!

Using Learning2learn techniques, a TMB tutor will aim to develop the links in your child’s brain in order to help them successfully learn classroom concepts. Through TMB your child will begin to develop in a way that will see many positive steps forward, helping create a stronger mindset and positive attitude towards learning.

Defeating the disability?

With a rapid development in knowledge, sciences and technology, defeating and overcoming disabilities is becoming more and more available. Neurosciences and neurotherapies are constantly being developed and improved, making it easier to diminish disabilities and improve brain function.

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