Courses/ Training

Learning2learn by Terrence Kostantakis

“To be trained in the Terrence Kostantakis Learning2learn philosophy”

Training includes:

Representational Systems:

  • Sensory learning
  • What are they?
  • How do they work?
  • How to use them?
  • How to determine them?
  • How to develop them?
  • Design activities based on them


Sourcing Data:

  • What is appropriate information
  • Using key words
  • Does it link with your representational system? I.e. does it have visuals?
  • How & where to find appropriate data?
  • How to teach data sourcing


  • In what ways is a specific child motivated?
  • How to determine this and motivate them towards success



  • Develop short & long term memory
  • and much more


Suitable and available for:

  •   All Train My Brain tutors
  •   Teachers of all year levels
  •   Higher education

Individual and group training sessions available.

“Once a person knows how to learn, a person can learn anything”– Terrence Kostantakis

Dyslexia: (Short course)

Pre-requisite L2L must be completed

Learn to use your acquired L2L skills in order to teach children with dyslexia and help them learn in a way where dyslexia will be non-existent.

What this training includes:

  • How sensory learning for dyslexia works
  • Using sensory learning for spelling
  • Evolving your teaching styles to cater for children with dyslexia


Suitable and available for:

  •   TMB tutors working with children with dyslexia (compulsory for dyslexia tutors)
  •   Teachers
  •   SSO & ESO
  •   Parents who have children with dyslexia

Teacher Skill: (Coming soon)

Learn skills such as:

  • Building rapport
  • Question, Command, Statement,
  • Meta-programs


*Please contact Train My Brain for pricing and to answer any queries