About Us

About Train My Brain

Train My Brain has been developed through using the combination of teaching knowledge, assessing and neuro-linguistic programming/psychological studies. Basing our programs on the latest pedagogy of teaching and learning techniques called the ‘Learning2learn’ method of Terrence Kostantakis.

Train My Brain differs from other education based services through the combination of the above studies and pedagogy that allows children to not only increase their knowledge in school, but to develop their learning patterns based on their personal psychological learning styles.

Running, testing and developing our programs and pedagogy frequently since 2015 has made Train My Brain the favourite learning specialist company for all parents, children and teachers; changing the life positively of everybody involved.

How We Help

Train My Brain is a learning specialist company that has been designed, built and developed in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our methods and programs are personalised to each individual child. We offer programs designed by us to help children of any age to master the art of learning, understand and self-regulate their emotions, and to develop their fine & gross motor abilities.

When children partake in Train My Brain’s programs, they will learn valuable life skills and aim to becoming independent learners.
Self-funded NDIS participants are able to use our services as Train My Brain personalises each program that meets the goals and needs of the individual child.

“Once a person knows how to learn, a person can learn anything”

Our Vision

Currently based in Adelaide, Train My Brain envisions a growth throughout the city, into rural areas and over the boarders; implementing the Learning2learn pedagogy Australia wide and giving every child and teen the tools they need to reach their full potential in education.

Our Aim

Train My Brain aims to develop all children physically, emotionally and cognitively; teaching each individual how to become an independent learner in a manner personalised to their sensory strengths. Our specialist techniques, being supported by the NDIS, will allow all children who are apart of Train My Brain to thrive in schooling and social life.